Ever thought about losing the daily commute or ditching the cost of renting an office? A ModBox Garden Office could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. A ModBox Garden office is a high specification building normally positioned in the back garden which creates a physical break-point between family life and the opportunity for some really focused working from home.

ModBox Garden Offices create a comfortable, professional and secure working space for a diverse range of professions, each building tailored to the needs of YOU, the end user.

Productivity 12 months of the year

Our offices are carefully designed to maximise the availability of natural light, to cleverly optimise the available space and come with high levels of insulation which means you can be productive no matter the weather, all year round. Save time and money in an efficient and environmentally friendly working environment. With ‘instant arrival’ at your work-desk…just a stroll along your garden path; cutting down road miles and cost, you can work more efficiently, more of the time. For many it allows their ModBox Garden Office to be their main work-base, for others a welcome few days away from the distractions of the company office, where projects can take shape quicker through more focused, effective activity.

Many small businesses can be run solely from a garden office and with guidance from your accountant the purchase can often be offset against tax and, if VAT registered, the VAT reclaimed. With a ModBox Garden Office you’re also not limited to just a single room. Perhaps a separate meeting room would be useful or kitchen and toilet facilities. It is your working space and we will design it with you to make it the most productive space we can imagine.

If you employ staff (or expect to) then a multi-room ModBox Garden Office is a cost-effective option, and of course with kitchen and toilet facilities your staff will have no reason to enter your home, creating both a professional and self-contained working experience. The opportunity for additional rooms and tailored facilities lend ModBox Garden Offices to a wide range of sectors, such as dentists, beauty therapists, physiotherapists and chiropractors where sub-divided space is important. With separate waiting areas and consultation or treatment rooms it is easy to set up a professional clinic within near walking distance of your own home. Whatever profession you pursue, our in-house architects will be delighted to work with you to bring together your ideal working space. If you’d like to know more about how you can obtain one of these incredibly flexible, contemporary outdoor spaces, get in touch today.

If you’d like to talk, call 01208 75235 or email: info@modboxspaces.com

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