ModBox Garden Rooms can be put to a wide range of uses and offer a straight-forward, cost-effective new space, individually designed to your requirements. Perhaps it is a garden office, extra bedroom accommodation or a designated leisure/hobby room you are looking for….irrespective of whether it is intended for work or play, a ModBox Garden Room is designed with the end-user firmly in mind

Our designs include high levels of insulation to ensure comfortable use all year round and careful thought harnesses natural light and efficiently manages available space. Your ModBox Garden Room is designed to make the best use of your garden landscape. ModBox can provide the design for games or hobby rooms to support everything from model railways to photography studios and craftsman workshops.

A very wide range of professions can also be operated from a ModBox Garden Office; accountants, solicitors, dentists, beauty therapists and marketing consultants can all find their daily commute vanish with a ModBox Garden Office.

Multi-room garden rooms offer you the opportunity for even more space – so if you require kitchen, toilet, shower and bathroom facilities or a separate meeting room, all of this can be designed in to your new garden room. Alternatively you may require additional bedroom accommodation in the form of a granny annexe or teenage pad. If several generations plan to live at the same property then this can be the ideal way to give independent but supported living to the people you care about.

Our in-house architectural team have a wealth of experience and will seek to really understand your needs before coming up with a design. With decades of experience between them we are able to offer clever solutions that ensure your experience of enjoying your ModBox Garden Room exceeds your expectations.

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