joint ventures

end first thinking

If you are an existing landowner with an ‘idea’ to develop some land within your possession, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Starting with a blank sheet of paper we can help analyse your site, consider the best approach to delivering the maximum yield, and devise the site lay-out and specification to suit. We employ ‘end first’ thinking in order to ensure that the most appropriate market is targeted and from first stages of activity the development sets off on the right foot.

Shaping your project

Arrangements are considered on a ‘win, win’ basis, bearing both your and our interests in mind in order to shape a project that benefits both parties. Broadly speaking, if a site is yet to gain Planning then we would look to draft an ‘option’ agreement, where, subject to securing Planning consent, we would form an SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle company;- as a vehicle within which to develop the site. We would then bring in the required build finance and project management expertise in order to see the project to fruition.

our highly experienced team

Joint venture activity can be particularly useful where land is already owned but the raising of build finance is an obstacle, normally due to not having a solid track record in construction. This is where we can really assist, as our highly experienced team can bring our existing standing with development lenders in order to open doors that may otherwise stay shut. In addition, actually going on to manage a multi-unit development can be a challenging exercise unless choosing to engage with an experienced team.

With the above in mind, if you have a patch of land, or a more sizeable plot we would be equally delighted to hear from you in order to see whether we may able to help one another…
Joint venture approaches are also welcomed from:

Private Investors

Housing Associations


Local Authorities